Thursday, May 28, 2015

Here is the cover art for the next book in the Mattie Winston series, STIFF COMPETITION. Mattie finds herself in double trouble when she not only has to investigate the murder of a local real estate developer who is found with an arrow through his neck, Hurley's daughter, Emily, goes missing. As a new mom, Mattie is pulled in many directions at once as she tries to balance her work and home life, not to mention her love life.

This is book #7 in the Mattie Winston series and fingers crossed ... there will be more to come with some big changes in store for Mattie!

Coming in July is IN THE DRINK, the third entry in the Mack's Bar series featuring Mackenzie Dalton, a bar owner with a neurological disorder called synesthesia that cross-wires her senses. As a result, she experiences all of her sensory input in multiple ways, giving her an edge when it comes to solving crimes. This time out she is involved in solving the twelve-year-old cold case involving the murder of the sister of one of the members of the crime-solving Capone Club that meets in her bar. Yummy drink recipes are included.

And good news: there will be more Mack's Bar books to come! I'm hard at work on #4 now: SHOTS IN THE DARK.


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