Monday, June 20, 2022


 I am tickled to announce that I have a new mystery series with Berkley Books coming out called the Monster Hunter Mysteries featuring a bookstore owner and cryptozoologist named Morgan Carter and her rescue dog, Newt. Their first adventure takes place in the treacherous waters known as Death's Door off the northern coast of the beautiful Door County peninsula, where bodies have been showing up with mysterious giant bite marks, as if a homicidal Loch Ness-type monster is on the loose. 

This is proving to be a fun series to write and research, and this first story melds cryptids, sunken ships, and lost treasure into an exciting, death-defying adventure! Come along for the ride. If you have half as much fun reading A Death in Door County as I had writing it, you're in for a real treat. The book comes out on 9/13/22. Click on the cover image above to preorder.

Above is a picture of me and Winston conducting research in Death's Door. 


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