Sunday, July 12, 2009


That's where I am writing-wise at the moment, in the Tweenies. That means I'm between projects and feeling, well, slackadaisical (and before the grammar and spelling police come after me, let it be known that I made that word up). Book #2 in the Mattie Winston "Stiff" series, SCARED STIFF, is written and with my editor, waiting on a read and approval. The synopsis for book #3 (which might be called STIFF PENALTY) is written and with my editor, waiting on a read and approval. And with WORKING STIFF due out in six weeks I'm shifting my attention to promotional and marketing duties. I've had some beautiful bookmarks printed up so I can hand them out to readers and booksellers. I'm revamping my web site to get it looking a little more professional, and getting ready to launch a new web site with a discussion board dedicated to the Stiff series and its main character, Mattie Winston. I've set up a book launch party for WORKING STIFF for 6:00 p.m. September 17th at Booked For Murder, an independent book store in Madison, WI. And I'm in the process of setting up additonal signings throughout the rest of the year, some at nearby stores and some in cities I'll be traveling to or through.

The pending release of WORKING STIFF is exciting and distracting. I'm anxious for it to come out and to get the promotional ball rolling. I'm also feeling the itch to get serious with book #3 now that I have it all mapped out, and move past the flimsy two-page opening scene I've written thus far. But I'm not going to scratch that itch today. Maybe tomorrow. Or not. That's one of the joys -- and tortures -- of being a writer.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger Spencer L Casey said...

Wonderful to hear of your progress. Keep sharing and be as lazydaisical as you'd like to be. You deserve it, I believe.


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